CHC deliver housing support to assist apprentices completing their trade

CHC is proud to support apprentices who are struggling to find affordable housing while completing their traineeships in the ACT through the construction of the ACT’s first purpose-built Apprentice House. The program aims to reduce the number of apprentices facing financial pressure during their training and the rate of those that drop out of their courses as a result.

CHC has funded the construction of five-bedroom Apprentice House, in Lyons, as well as providing The ACT Building and Construction Industry Association, now the Apprentice House Association with ongoing assistance.

This fantastic initiative is mainly focused at first and second year apprentices and providing short to medium-term accommodation up to a maximum of one-year for those who need it most and applications are accessed on a case-by-case basis.

This scheme is part of CHC’s ongoing commitment to supporting the trade industry and providing accommodation for those most in need of housing in the Canberra community.

For further information on Apprentice House please contact us on 02 6248 7716.

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CHC hosts industry housing roundtable

CHC hosts industry housing roundtable

CHC hosted a community organisation roundtable looking at new approaches to improving housing affordability and limiting homelessness in the ACT.

Roundtable attendees included the Property Council, Master Builders Association, the Canberra Business Chamber, ACTCOSS, ACT Shelter, Unions ACT, the Australian Institute of Architects, and Elton Consulting.

The roundtable advocated for greater recognition of the critical housing affordability and homelessness problems facing many Canberrans.

CHC joined with other attendees in calling for a comprehensive policy approach by the ACT Government to increase affordable housing supply and address housing affordability and homelessness.

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