CHC Eligibility Guidelines

This summarises the eligibility criteria used in assessing applicants for affordable housing with CHC. Eligibility does not guarantee that an offer will be made. Those eligible will be prioritised according to the company’s eligibility selection and allocation policy. The criteria aims to establish fair and non-discriminatory access to housing. CHC offers properties for rent up to a maximum of 74.9% of market rent.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be considered for housing with CHC ALL the criteria listed below MUST BE met.


You must be a Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia and have lived in the ACT for at least six (6) months.

Housing ownership

You must not own or part-own a residence or property.


Your combined gross household income for the past 52 weeks must fall within the following types (please see table below).

NOTE: housing is generally considered affordable if the rent payable is no more than 30% of gross household income.

Household composition Entry range* Upper limit*
Single, no children $37,180 $50,489
Single, one child $46,436 $69,852
Couple, no children $46,436 $69,804
Two adults $46,436 $69,804
Couple, one child $52,624 $86,552
Single, two children $52,624 $86,600
Couple, two children $58,812 $103,300
Single, three children $58,812 $103,348
Couple, three children $65,000 $120,048
Single, four children $65,000 $120,096
Couple, four children $71,188 $136,796

Housing allocation

CHC allocate properties based on the following guidelines:

Household composition 1-bed 2-bed 3-bed 4-bed
Single, no children 1
Single, one child 2
Couple, no children 1 2
Two adults 2 3
Couple, one child 2 3
Single, two children 3
Couple, two children 3
Single, three children 3
Couple, three children 3 4
Single, four children 3 4
Couple, four children 3 4

If you meet the criteria above, you are eligible to register your interest with CHC. By submitting a registration of interest, you will be notified of current and future vacancies with CHC.

For further information, please contact CHC at or on 02 6248 7716.

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