Our Year in Review is out

What a year 2017 has been with new achievements and processes, new strategies and plans to implement and success stories to tell.

We are pleased to share our accomplishments in our Year in Review, which has recently been published.

Our Year in Review highlights key moments, projects and programs throughout 2017, as well as some great achievements from our residents and team members.

We thank everyone for a wonderful year and we are excited to play a role in delivering homes for the Canberra community

See our Year in Review here.


Thank you and Merry Christmas from Tenancy

Thank you and Merry Christmas from Tenancy

In 2017, the CHC team has worked hard to deliver a high level of customer service, reformed our existing processes and identify areas for improvement. We have seen some new faces join the operations team this year and I thank our wonderful tenants for your support and patience as we train and transition into our new practices.

Mid-way through the year, we implemented a portfolio model for our tenancy and asset management. Introducing this new structure allows our tenancy and maintenance officers to

be responsible for all aspects of tenancy management,  improve our services by creating a personalised approach, and greater access to support. This also included establishing CHC Strata Services – an in-house operation managing CHC-owned complexes to ensure prompt responses To requests and above- standard asset management.

A vital part of building stronger communities within Canberra is the ability to forge effective partnerships. CHC has implemented a number of ongoing partnerships with various support providers that allow us to deliver greater social outcomes for individuals and assist tenants to sustain their tenancies.

Our communication methods to tenants were reviewed by the tenancy and marketing teams and a new streamlined application process and online methods to report repairs, complete income reviews and request modifications were implemented. Tenants, if they so wish, can submit these forms on our CHC website and new potential tenants can apply for homes online as well.

The CHC team is preparing for a dynamic future for both the organisation and our clients. This year we introduced a dedicated community development manager position, to identify gaps and implement a robust program to deliver great outcomes by way of training, education and reducing isolation for our clients.

I am very proud and would like to thank my dedicated team who every day bring passion, drive and commitment to their roles and assist CHC to create inclusive communities, empower our tenants and assist them on their journey to greater independence. Season’s greetings to you and your family.

Megan Ward

General Manager – Operations

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