Creating safe homes for Canberra's apprentices

Welcome to Apprentice House

Apprentice House is one of the many unique housing opportunities delivered by CHC and allows low-income Canberra apprentices the opportunity to access accommodation in a shared living arrangement while completing a trade. Located in Lyons, this purpose-built home sleeps five people and offers a private bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom as well as a shared communal living area.

The Apprentice House Story

The concept for Apprentice House was built upon the foundation that many apprentices find balancing the cost of living with apprentice wages, an unachievable task. This can lead to stress, homelessness or dysfunctional living arrangements and can place pressure on the completion of a trade. Apprenticeships are an important part of Canberra’s economic and social economy and supporting and facilitating this community is vital to growing our city.

Apprentice House was a joint venture and was initiated by OzHelp’s Ms Lorraine O’Bryan. CHC funded the construction of the property and now manage Apprentice House as part of our rental portfolio.

Apprentice House vacancies

CHC rental property vacancies are advertised on and Find out more about specific opportunities at Apprentice House by visiting our Tenancy page or contacting CHC.

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