Tenant Forum

CHC held this year’s first Tenant Forum on Saturday 4 March. The event provided the opportunity to say hello to your tenancy manager, share a BBQ lunch and meet with a range of different lenders to discuss general finance and how to prepare for purchasing a home.

ABC News joined us to find out more about how CHC is assisting our tenants in working towards home ownership and generally removing some of the hurdles that can make affording a first home unachievable.

Representatives from Beyond Bank, Bank Australia, Police Bank and Care Financial were also present and made themselves available to answer a range of banking and financing questions. If you require any further information on the update below, please don’t hesitate to contact CHC on tenancy@chcaustralia.com.au or on 02 6248 7716.

Tenancy update

If you missed the Tenant Forum, CHC provided the following tenancy update:

  • New Income Review document – for income-based tenants, CHC has created a new Income Review Guidelines document to make understanding your tenancy and your responsibility to provide proof of income easier. The new guidelines are available to download at www.chcaustralia.com.au/currenttenants. You can also contact CHC for a hard copy of this document and will receive a copy with your income review letter.
  • Changes to CHC’s income-based policy – CHC has changed the way we calculate income-based rent. You can review our new calculation guidelines in the Income Review Guidelines.
  • Dedicated Income Review Officer – CHC now has a dedicated Income Review Officer so you have one point of contact when completing your Income Review, the details are  incomereview@chcaustralia.com.au or on 02 6248 7716.

Symphony Park, finalist for HIA’S 2017 Apartment Complex of the Year

Symphony Park, finalist for HIA’S 2017 Apartment Complex of the Year

At CHC, we constantly strive to deliver high-quality entry level properties to the Canberra market. Our development, Symphony Park, Harrison, is the perfect example of our projects that achieve this goal. Symphony Park was designed to provide choice and deliver diverse products to appeal to a wide range of buyer preferences. Stage 3 was recognised as a finalist for HIA’S 2017 Apartment Complex of the Year. Last year, we won the same award for Stage 2 of Symphony Park. We would like to congratulate the winner and the other finalists in the HIA’S 2017 Apartment Complex of the Year.

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