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The following information is for current CHC tenants. If you would like to find out more about CHC tenancy and register to become a tenant, visit our Tenancy page. For further information, please email or phone 02 6248 7716.

Tenancy programs

CHC offer two housing programs to eligible tenants. These programs are:

Affordable rent: the affordable tenancy program provides rental accommodation at 74.9% of market rent for those who earn an annual income in line with CHC’s Affordable Review Guidelines.

Income-based: tenants within the income-based program generally pay rents calculated at 25% of household income plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance. This may vary between households, dependent on the type of income earned, the number of people living in the home and the age and income of each resident. Please see CHC’s Income Review Guidelines.

Income Review

CHC is required to check eligibility at intervals throughout the year for the two rental programs offered to our tenants. The timeframes for CHC initiated reviews are outlined below.

  • Affordable rent tenants – every 12 months
  • Income-based tenants – every six (6) months

For tenants renting with CHC under an income-based rent tenancy agreement, you can complete your income review online by following the link below. You can use CHC’s Income Review Guidelines to assist you in completing your income review.

Submit an application for Income Review


CHC has a dedicated maintenance team to complete repairs to our properties as needed.  If you require maintenance, please complete the form below and a CHC representative will be in contact to schedule an appointment.

Property maintenance is carried out during business hours (9am – 5pm Monday – Friday) unless otherwise arranged.

Emergency maintenance:
If you require emergency maintenance, please phone CHC’s Emergency Maintenance number on 1300 537 773 The emergency maintenance line should only be used if it is after 5.00pm and your maintenance request cannot wait until the following business day.


Request for Maintenance

Tenant Feedback

CHC respects the right of all tenants to provide feedback, and to make complaints or appeals as they provide valuable feedback about our services and the ways they are delivered.

Complaints and Appeals
We aim to treat our customers in a fair and respectful way. CHC will allocate a staff member who is not involved in the matter to manage your complaint. A member of CHC’s executive team also reviews all complaints and appeals.

For more information download the: CHC Complaint and Appeal Fact Sheet

Modifications and improvements

If your property needs significant work completed, you may complete a request to have a modification or improvement made to your home. Please review the guidelines below and submit the form which relates to your request.

Modification request: a request for modification should be completed by tenants who need an addition to their property due to disability or injury which affects an ability to live and move comfortably around the home. Medical information may be required at time of completing the online form.

Improvement request: a request for improvement should be completed by tenants who would like to request an improvement which improves way of life and is a larger project than a general maintenance request. This may include items such as the addition of Foxtel, a shade sail or internal household fixtures such as block out blinds – these items are not considered urgent and may incur some costs to you, depending on your requirements.

Submit a Request for Modification
Submit a Request for Improvement

Pet Applications

Owning a pet can be very rewarding and CHC aim to ensure that where possible, our tenants have the opportunity to benefits owning a pet can bring. If you are planning to introduce a pet into your home, it is important that you complete a request prior to bringing the pet home. This allows us to assess the size and breed of your pet in comparison to the property you are living in.

To apply for a pet, please complete and submit the online Pet Application Form below. Applications generally take about 7-10 days.

Submit a Pet Application

Forms & Resources

CHC is currently in the process of reducing paperwork and making as many forms as possible, available for you to complete online. If you would like, you can continue to complete and submit printed copies of required forms. For your convenience, forms and resources are available to download below. We will continue to notify you directly when important forms and information is due.


If you would like to provide any feedback to CHC on the new forms or your tenancy with CHC, please email or phone 02 6248 7716.

Tenant Community Noticeboard

CHC provides information to our tenants of some free or low cost, family-friendly events happening around Canberra. Click on the link below to have a look at what’s happening in our region.

Community noticeboard

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