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CHC Eligibility Guidelines

Our eligibility guideline is used to determine the most suitable applicants based on their individual needs for a property. CHC offers properties for rent up to a maximum of 80% of market rent.

In order to be considered for housing with CHC you are required to meet the criteria below.


You must be a Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia and have lived in the ACT for at least six (6) months.


You must not own or part-own a residence or property.


Your combined gross household income for the past 52 weeks must fall within the following types (please see table below).

Household composition Entry range* Upper limit*
Single, no children $29,800 $63,600
Single, one child $38,700 $82,700
Couple, no children $44,700 $95,400
Two adults $44,700 $95,400
Couple, one child $53,600 $114,500
Single, two children $47,600 $101,800
Couple, two children $62,500 $133,600
Single, three children $56,500 $120,900
Couple, three children $71,400 $152,700
Single, four children $65,400 $140,000
Couple, four children $80,300 $171,800

Housing Allocation

CHC allocate properties based on the following guidelines:

Household composition 1-bed 2-bed 3-bed 4-bed
Single, no children 1
Single, one child 2
Couple, no children 1 2
Two adults 1 2
Couple, one child 2 3
Single, two children 2 3
Couple, two children 3
Single, three children 3
Couple, three children 3 4
Single, four children 3 4
Couple, four children 3 4