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If you are interested in purchasing a CHC Land Rent property there are a number of steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful exchange.

Complete the Land Rent Eligibility Form
Please complete and return a Land Rent Eligibility Form to ensure that you meet requirements to purchase a property found here: LandRentEligibilityForm

Obtain pre-approval
If you are planning to purchase a CHC property under the Land Rent Scheme, there are three  lenders who can provide you with assistance. Our sales team will provide you with their details. You will be required to have a 10% deposit to buy under the scheme.

Complete the CIT Land Rent Scheme Course
To purchase a Land Rent property, it is a requirement that you complete the ACT Government’s CIT Land Rent Scheme Course. You can do this at any time before your property is completed. To secure a place at one of these courses, visit CIT Course Registration, phone 02 6207 3188 or email

Once you have completed your course, email a copy of your course certificate to

A more detailed process checklist can  found here: CHC Land Rent Process Checklist FA

A sales representative will be happy to discuss your option and this process. Click on the link below to make contact.