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HomeGround Real Estate Canberra is a social enterprise of CHC, and provides professional residential property management services, with all profits reinvested back into the community.

HomeGround gives landlords the opportunity to rent their property out at a more affordable rate or at market rent. If landlords choose to rent their property below market rent they can qualify for tax incentives including a full land tax exemption, and a tax deductible donation receipt for the amount of any rent discount. These discounts means that a typical landlord may be just $25 per week worse off from an after-tax cash flow perspective, in return for saving a eligible lower income Canberran household, such as a key worker household, $140 per week.

For landlords, the tax incentives mean that for a minimal impact to your hip-pocket, you can make a big difference. Whether landlords choose to rent their home affordably or at market rent the profits are reinvested into more affordable housing options for Canberrans.

We manage your property, you make the difference.