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Maintenance Request

CHC has a dedicated maintenance team to complete repairs to our properties as needed. If you require maintenance, please complete the form below and a CHC representative will be in contact to schedule an appointment.

Property maintenance is carried out during business hours (9am – 5pm Monday – Friday) unless otherwise arranged.

Emergency maintenance:
If you require emergency maintenance, please phone CHC’s emergency maintenance number on 1300 537 773 The emergency maintenance line should only be used if it is after 5.00pm and your maintenance request cannot wait until the following business day.

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Modification Request

Modification request: a request for modification should be completed by tenants who need works completed at their property due to a disability, injury or medical condition. Evidence to support your request may be required at time of completing the online form.

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Improvement Request

Improvement request: a request for improvement should be completed by tenants who would like to make small alterations to their home.  This may include items such as the addition of Foxtel, a shade sail or internal household fixtures such as dryer and T.V brackets – these items are not considered urgent and may incur some costs to you, depending on your requirements.

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Pet Request

Owning a pet can be very rewarding and CHC aim to ensure that where possible, our tenants have the opportunity to own a pet. If you are planning to introduce a pet into your home, it is important that you complete a request prior to bringing the pet home. This allows us to assess the suitability of your pet, and obtain relevant approvals should you live in one of CHC’s strata complexes.

To apply for a pet, please complete and submit the online Pet Application Form below.

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Leaving My Property

Leave your property
CHC your needs may change and you may need to move on from living in one of our homes. If you are planning to vacate, we require you to complete an intention to vacate form below and provide the appropriate notice as per your lease agreement with us.

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CHC is required to check income eligibility and assess your rent as outlined in your lease agreement.

We will write to you and let you know when your review is required and we will guide you through the process.

When you are required to submit your review you can do so by the  link below. You can use CHC’s Income Review Guidelines to assist you in completing your income review.

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