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    I/we hereby give notice of intention to vacate:

    Reason for vacating:

    Moving to a bigger propertyMoving interstatePurchasing a homeEligibilityPersonal circumstance changeOther

    Please specify your reason for vacating:

    Please tick the relevant box for your tenancy term:

    Please note the following in accordance with your tenancy agreement:

    • A pre-vacating inspection may be required prior to the vacating inspection

    • Vacating inspection shall be on a date agreed between you and CHC

    And, upon vacating the tenant shall:

    • Arrange for the carpets to be professionally cleaned and provide CHC with a copy of the receipt, please note the carpets will need to be dry at the vacating inspection

    • Leave the premises in substantially the same state of cleanliness and repair

    • Returned all keys to the property

    • Pay rent up until the vacating inspection is completed

    I/we declare the information provided on and in conjunction with this form is true and correct.

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