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CHC has launched a new Land Rent Development, Thosby 29. 

Throsby 29 is CHC’s newest Land Rent Development. Surrounded by pristine nature reserves with views to Black Mountain and the Brindabella Ranges, Throsby boasts playgrounds, plenty of open spaces and an expansive network of walking and cycling paths and is in close proximity to Gungahlin

Land Rent Eligibility

Land Rent Eligibility

CHC works in partnership with the ACT Government to deliver a proportion of our properties under the Land Rent Scheme. The Land Rent Scheme is an ACT Government initiative which reduces the up-front costs involved in purchasing a home. The scheme allows eligible first home buyers the opportunity to acquire land under a rental arrangement, rather than obtaining a mortgage.
While CHC is independent of the Government, we commit to offering quality properties, exclusively under the Land Rent Scheme. Via this arrangement, if you meet eligibility requirements, you can purchase a home from CHC and the land which it occupies can be ‘rented’ from the government.For further information about eligibility requirements and CHC properties available under the Land Rent Scheme, phone 1300 208 888 or email
  • Your annual gross household income does not exceed the income threshold of $160,000 (this value can be more relative to the number of dependent children you have).
  • You do not currently own a property.
  • At least one purchaser of the property will reside in property when completed.

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