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SPARK Ginninderry and Canberra Institute of Technology proudly support training and employment initiatives for local people.

SPARK in partnership with the Canberra Institute of Technology (RTOcode:0101) are delivering an innovative accredited training program focused on giving participants a “taste” of different skill sets within the Information Technology sector.

Specifically targeting people living within the Australian Capital Territory, this program on successful completion will provide participants with the following units of competency in the Information Technology sector:

» ICTWEB414 Design simple web page layouts
– Scope web page requirements, create and implement web page designs

» ICTICT303 Connect internal hardware components
– Acquire, install, configure and evaluate system hardware components according to client and user requirements

» ICTWEB201 Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement
– Review, compare and use different types of social networking tools and applications

» VU21990 Recognise the Need for Cyber Security
– Recognise threats, risks and vulnerabilities to cyber security in an organisation

For more information check out the flyer in the link below

SPARK JobTrainer Ginninderry Information Technology Taster Program – Enrolment Session Thurs 15 July 2021